5 Day  Integrated Workshops for


( Set up by the Resource Persons

of Ernakulam Region)

Content of the Workshop-

Constructivism,CCE,e-content  and e-learning.


21.7.2014 to 25.7.2014. ( Ernakulam Region)

7th to 11th July 2014 ( Bengaluru Region)


Venue- ZIET Mysore

Course Director- Mr.S. Selvaraj ( upto 22/7/2014)


Dr.E.T Arasu DC,  Director ZIET Mysore ( w.e.f 23/7/2014)

Course Co-ordinator- Ms.Sahaya Mary  HM. ZIET Mysore. 

Resource Persons-

Mrs.Jainus Jacob PRT KV Thrissur & Mrs.Smita PRT KV Payyanur.

( Ernakulam Region)

Mrs. Neela Bhaskar, PRT, KV No.1 Vasco Goa, Bengaluru Region

No.of participants-

33 from the KVs of Ernakulam Region.

41 from Bengaluru Region


Objectives of the course-

  • To understand the Principles of Constructivism.
  • To make the teachers incorporate the 5 E design  into their daily lesson plans. 
  • To orient teachers to transact Constructivist teaching learning through demo lesson.
  • To integrate CCE with Constructivist teaching learning process.
  • To build skills in Constructivist ICT tools.
  • To create an integrated artifact ie.. 5 E lesson plan, CCE plan and e content for the planned lesson.


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